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Place of Interest, Festivals, Traditional Arts, Craft:

Jaychandi Mata Mondir, Dwadash Mandir, Radhaballav Mandir and Dhanantari Kali Mandir are the main place of interest of this municipal area.

Roop Paribartan Utsab of Dhanantari Kali Mata & Joychandi Mata in the first two months of Bengali calendar year and Pancham Dol Jatra at Radhaballav Mandir are the main festivals of this locality. Besides that Charak, Gosto & Gajan Ustab are observed here with due regards, Durgotsab, Kalipuja, Id-ul-Fetar, Id-uj-joha, etc. are also celebrated here quite enthusiastically maintaining communal harmony.

Monmathanath Das, an artisan of clay perpetuated the traditional art of making idols of Hindu God-Goddess and various types of dolls. He was placed first in the All Bengal Handicrafts Competition in the year 1985 and in the year 1986 he received National Award. Some of his works are kept in the Indian Museum, Government Art College and Ashutosh Museum. His grandson Shambhunath Das and some of his followers are following his traditional Art with due respect. Haripada Das was one of the wooden furniture makers of this area. He was skilled enough to make wooden idols of Hindu God-Goddess and mimicry of antiques cutting pieces of wood. He also teaches some persons in this field and they are now perpetuating the traditional art quite efficiently. Besides that earthen pots and iron made articles are being made by some `Kumbhakar’ and tarmakar’ family of this area traditionally.

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