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 Welcome to Joynagar Mozilpur Municipality

Joynagar Mazilpur Municipality has a long history and is the birthplace of many renowned Freedom fighters, Poets and Historian. The Joynagar Mazilpur Municipality was established in the year of 1869 and located at the southern end of the District of South 24 Parganas.

It is the gateway of the Sundarbans. The municipal area is the abode of people belonging to different caste, creed, language and religion, and is like a confluence of different cultures intermingled into a distinct identity.

Revolutionary Kanailal Bhattacharya (1909-1931)

Revolutionary Kanailal Bhattacharya (1909-1931)

Hundred and hundred heroes died in the freedom struggle of India; but there are few examples where the martyrs died for his country and their names remain hidden for the good of the revolutionary movement. Kanailal Bhattacharya from Mazilpur Bhattacharya Para, is the person who created the rare example of sacrifice. Binay Basu and Badal Gupta were killed but Dinesh Gupta survived in the historic fight at Writer’s Building in the time of freedom struggle of India. The oppressor British Rulers let not live him. They hanged him on 7th July, 1931 by unjust law. But the judge of Alipur R. R Galik was shooted by Kanailal of Mazilpur. Thus Kanailal made the judgment of the judge. After killing Galik Sahib he immediately took very poisonous Potassium Cyanide capsule. A small note was found from his pocket that contained a name- Bimal Das Gupta. Bimal Das Gupta who killed the maltreater Pedi Sahib was escaped. Kanailal wrote the name in that note so that the British police would stop chasing him.

Kanailal belonged from a very poor family; he joined freedom revolution movement when he was very young. He came in touch of well known revolutionaries like Sunil Chatterjee, Satkari Bandyopadhyay etc. and soon he became a mature fighter of revolution movement.
In fond of the memory of this patriot the Alipur Bekar Road had been renamed into Biplabi Kanailal Bhattacharya Road. Not only this but a road in Joynagar-Mazilpur district been named on him also. Except this a bronj statue had been placed at Mazilpur Dutta Bazar near his ancestor’s house.


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22.05.2017 at Science city auditorium in an auspicious ocassion of International Biodiversity Day,Our beloved ‘Chairman’ at releasing moment of PBR of Joynagar Majilpur municipality….

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