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About Us


Location and Linkage :

Joynagar Mozilpur is one of the oldest municipal town in Joynagar Mozilpur Sub – Division of South 24 Parganas District and the Joynanagr Mozilpur Municipality was established in the year 1869. The town is well connected with Kolkata by Road and Rail. The town has good linkage with the surrounding and villages by road communications. The Municipality is bounded by Uttar Durgapur GP in the northern side, Futigoda Sreerampur GP in the Southern side, Sripur & Sahazadapur GP in the eastern side and south Bishnupur GP in western side. The train service was first introduced from Sealdah to JMM in the year of 1882, 10th July.

Climate and Rainfall :

The topography of the town is more or less flat with a mild slope towards south like other places of Gangetic West Bengal. The hottest summer is in the month of April and May. Monsoon arrives by 2nd quarter of June and continues upto September. The coldest days are in December and January. The maximum and minimum average temperature of 36°C and 13°C respectively. The maximum and minimum humidity is 85% and 70% respectively. The average rainfall of the town is 1412mm (app.).

Soil :

The soil structure of the town is mostly composed of alluvium and sandy soil.

Historical Aspect :

A remarkable “ Dhanantory Besher Mela” was framed in the year 1800 by the people of Joynagar Mozilpur, Pt. Harananda Biyasagar father Pt. Shib nath Shastri framed a “ Town Committee” in the year 1869 at Joynagar mozilpur as per the instruction of the then honourable District Magistrate, Sree Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. The famous five novel “ Bishobrikhya” “ Durgesh Nandini” “Pathik Tumi Path Aharacicha’ “ Ai Bandhi Amar Praneswar” were written by well known writer Sri Bankim Chandra Chattapadhya during the year 1864 to 1869 when he was related with Joynagar Mozilpur as a District Magistrate. The soil of Joynanagar Mozilpur become holy in presence of famous freedom fighter Kanailal Bhattacharya writer Bamkim Chandra Chattapadhaya, Scintist Balai Chand Kundu, historian Pt. Shibnath shastri and Dr. Bimal Krishna Motilal Politician, players musician and singers Nirmala Misra and honorable ministers from time to time.

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