A few centuries back this region was nothing but a remote area of Sunderbans with full of mangrove forest on the both side of silted ‘Adi Ganga’. In the last decase of 16th and first decade of 17th Century Gunanda Motilal, Ram Gobinda Mitry & Chandra Ketu Dutta arrive here with some of their associates to earn their livelihood and also their religious belief from the insane acts of mohammedanization. Thereafter, the jungles of this region were cleared up by hard struggles of toiling masses under the guidance of those persons. This action enables this region habitable for mankind and many men of letters began to reside here. In course of time, twin-village Joynagar-Mozilpur developed as an area of learned persons of undivided Bengal.

Later, at the dawn renaissance movement in undivided Bengal, some benevolent persons of Joynagar Mozilpur organized a Town Committee with a view to develop this area as a Town. Pundit Harananda Bidyasagar was the Chairman of the Committee. He was a close associate of Pundit Ishwar Chandra Bidyasagar and he was also the father of Pundit Shibnath Shastri, a great son of Bengal.

This Committee rendered many remarkable services towards the advancement of this area modifying roads, sewerages, libraries, schools and activities of all cultural and social organizations. This was done with utmost supports from a section of local Zaminders belong to Dutta & Mitra families.

In the year 1869, when the British rulers enacted Bengal Municipal Act on and from 15′ April, this twin-village was converted into Joynagar Mozilpur Municipality and Pundit Harananda Bidyasagar adorned the Chair of Chairman from the same date.

Consulting many old records like Calcutte Gazette of 14th March, 1877, it is noted that Pundit Harananda Bidyasagar was Chairman of this Municipality till then and Haridas Dutta, Ananda Chandra Ghosh, Hemnath Mitra, Jogendranath Mukherjee, Rasikmohan Banerjee, Madan Mohan Mitra, Ramtirtha Chakraborty and Kalinath Dutta were Commissioners. All these persons were very much progressive minded social reformers of this locality.

Within two or three years from the 1″ April, 1869, Dutta & Mitra Zaminders of this twin-village donated their lands for the construction of municipal buildings and many other establishments needed for the administrative and social purpose. Subsequently, municipal office buildings and other establishments were constructed on the donated land and activities of the municipality were managed in full swing. It was also noticed that election was held in any year between 1877 and 1886 and Haridas Dutta was elected as Chairman. Thenceforward, the Joynagar Mozilpur Municipality has been rendering its service relentlessly.

In 1869 this municipal area was divided into four wards only, in 1962 it was fragmented into eleven wards and from 1995 it is containing fourteen wards without enhancing its area.

In 1886, when Ananda Chandra Ghosh was Chairman, Kerosene Lamps were installed adjacent to the important thoroughfares. In 1904, a Charitable dispensary was established by Narendra Narayan Dutta, a well known person of Zaminder family. He donated required fund for the purpose. Till now the dispensary is going on under the supervision of municipality bearing its name as N.N. Dutta Charitable Dispensary.

In 1939, Sudhir Krishna Dutta adorned the Chair of Chairman. He took initiative to establish a Maternity and Child Welfare Centre here. Collecting donation from the local people the ground floor building of present Matri Mongal Shishu Mangal and N.N. Dutta Charitable dispensary were constructed then. After the completion of first floor, from 27th August, 1950, the Maternity & Child Welfare Centre has been rendering its service to the local people. It has now been developed with modern treatment facilities.

Electricity reached in this municipal area in 1957-58 for providing service to the local residents and in 1969 street lights with electric lamps were installed in all wards. Thereafter, many new pucca roads, drains, guardwalls of ponds, Town Hall (Shibnath Shastri Sadan), Amantran Hall etc. had been constructed. Many deep tube wells had been sinked for providing drinking water to the local people. Municipal Play Ground (Indira Uddyan) had been purchased. In this way the Municipality is being developed gradually.

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