Future Plan

 Future Plan

Joynagar Mazilpur Municipality is always trying for the betterment of its resident life and therefore the following are the forthcoming plans which we will accomplish in coming days:

To supply safe drinking water supply.

100% sanitation covered.

To make sure waste water discharge.

To include maximum municipal region under drainage network.

To recognize water logged locations in the municipality and taking necessary actions consequently.

To guarantee relevant care for quick draining of storm water.

Accelerated 100% coverage of waste collection process from everywhere

To ensure scientific Solid Waste Disposal system.

For proper drainage system, plinth level of each household is to be raised up to a standard height.

Important development of road in all the slums

agreement is to be made with WBSEB to supply electricity to all households

Community hall and community Seva Kendra to be provided in the vested land.

100% sanitation covered.

To detect water logged areas in the municipality and to take essential measures accordingly.

To ensure scientific Solid Waste Disposal system.

Procedures for having mobility through major arterial PWD roads of the municipality.

Proper drainage system to get rid of water logging problem.

Infrastructure improvement for fixing power cut problem.

Communication with PWD for constant maintenance of the roads.

Practicability of publishing the street alignments under the arrangement of the West Bengal Municipal Act for extending of the current main arterial roads would be analyzed.

Sufficient distribution facilities would be guaranteed in the areas of major traffic generations, viz., office and commercial places, railway station etc.

All significant wetland / water bodies shall be maintained

Traditional/architectural constructions/ areas will be conserved.

Maintain existing gardens / parks / public and build more parks, gardens etc.

Remodeling of different ponds and Dighis.

To stop pollution in compliance with WBPCB standard

To secure various water bodies from smog and encroachment

To preserve the existing green cover and to put effort for more green coverage to sustain biodiversity.

To perform various consciousness developing program for community involvement in ecological risk management

Securing drinking water from contamination

Be always ready for any Disaster

To sustain the local traditions and customs of the town.

Reinvigorating existing institutional constructions in the municipality made by the various govt. plans such as SJSRY, AAY, IGNOAPS, NFBS Schemes along with development of minority communities.

To expedite livelihoods improvement for the poor of the area concurrence of all the active programs operational in the municipal area.

To enhance the coverage, reach and network of existing community structure.

Enhancing operational transparency of all the plans targeted for the poverty relief.

To guarantee livelihood programs by organizing training and supply of tool kits for the excluded people i.e. homeless, homeless squatters and informal squatters who do not get benefits from existing govt. plans / programs.

Assisting institutional infrastructure towards financial development of the municipal area.

Offer operational and developmental amenities to guarantee growth of large and small size industries.

Inspire innovative employment developing programs.

Assure lasting income generating possibilities for the work force of the area.

To offer better facilities and services to the current local businesses as also to entice more entrepreneurs to invest for additional economic advancement.

Extensive Immunization Program

Awareness developing on Avoidance /Control TB, Leprosy etc.

Computerization of Birth and Death certificates

Health check up for Primary School students

Preservation / improving of school infrastructure

Improve Administration of school management.

Necessary training for the Teachers.

School Inspection at frequent time period.

Offering of Government Schemes and Programs in primary schools for example Mid Day Meal

Evening schools for kids who cannot enroll schools in normal hours

Strengthening of SSKs

Arranging of alluring program / plan to encourage Slum children to attend the schools.

Offering sufficient teaching assistance, books and teachers to schools.

Technological procedure and methods encourages the organization for better service

To organize the Citizen Interface Program to assure better service to the inhabitants.

Starting of website for immediate interactions

NGOs/CBOs and Ward committees to have part in organizing, enactment and observation of various projects/ programs.

Creating of Grievance redressal Units at every Ward office.

The payment procedure needs streamlining of method with decrease of process length.

Categorization of the substance in retailers for stock, management is necessary.

A system of proper quality check is essential

Department requires to have an effective system of overseeing the recurrence of trade license eventually.

There is prolonged driven extended repetitive activity in the procedure for Mutation of property to be removed.

The ward bureau has to detect the areas where these occurrences are regular and entail the localized people for the secure of the taps.

It requires comprehensive evaluation of the existing water supply

to arrange the Citizen Interface scheme to offer better services

Wards with lustrous slum areas, will arrange a strategy to improve the people’s perspective.

The inhabitants will retain their biodegradable and non biodegradable solid squander separately so that the assemblage of solid waste for recycling will be simpler, cost-effective and hazard free.

The Municipality is positively contemplating a single window system for licenses so that the citizens can submit an application for a license without much barrier.

Evaluation of Property Tax

Release of Provisional Trade License

Emit of Food License to the unauthorized food outlet.

Proper and prompt payment of bills to avert penalties.

Acquisition of store products via annual rate agreement

Establishing of Medical shops in various areas

Keep an eye for developing Real Estate sector

Public Private Partnership (PPP) with real estate contractors for building of shopping complexes and land possessed by the municipality.

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